Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Whodunnit in the Army?

Looks like the scandal over the Brigadier who sold Pak plans in the '65 war is making huge headlines. For some reason I find it tough to believe that such a thing happened, and if it did, then like Col.(retd.) Athale wrote, "the Pakistani army would have had to be extraordinarily dumb!".

But yet, the man crying wolf is an eminent Pakistani and son of the Pak President at that time, Ayub Khan. Being a former minister (I think he was the Foreign Minister), I could bet that he knows better than to make empty allegations. And judging by his reaction on being given a list of names by Outlook, I suspect some hero is going to take a fall soon. 3 of the names in that list are familiar army heroes, the most famous one ofcourse being Field Marshal Manekshaw, besides OP Malhotra and GG Bewoor who were both Army chiefs.

As far as I know, in 1965 the Indian Army was within striking distance of Lahore when the white flag was raised and they pulled back (presumably under pressure from some quarter). Taking all this into account, I suspect someone just might have given the Pakistanis the wrong plans! Like the grandson of Deep Throat, we can declare the dude who leaked the plan a hero's salute!


And so Mr. Advani has been making polite noises on his visit to Pakistan. With every passing day he comes up with something "sweet". I shake my head in disbelief! It's ok Mr. Advani, we believe that u werent involved in any conspiracy to assassinate Jinnah.

As I write this, Rediff has a headline which says that Advani has resigned as the BJP President. What will we hear next? "Advani takes sanyas on Mount Kailash"??

It sure was amusing to read that Mr. Advani called Jinnah a man of "impeccable secular credentials". And December 6th 1992 was the saddest day of his life! (Yeah, I am dating Kate Hudson!). As far as I know, Jinnah always wanted two countries, divided on the basis of religion. The end was simply "accelerated" by PJ Nehru's greed for the coveted PM's post (kissa kursi ka, circa 1947)! Although Patrick French (Jinnah's biographer) might call Gandhi a wily politician, imho Gandhi was helpless and hopelessly outmaneuvered by Nehru and gang in pressing for the 2-nation solution! Gandhi was a prisoner of his own conscience (to a large extent) and to a lesser extent I'd put the blame for a few of India's woes squarely on his shoulders. Nehru is ofcourse responsible for the majority of the problemos, though his undoings balanced his doings!

Wonder how many days more Mr. Advani has in Pakistan, and what else he can come up with? Will he apologize for the 1971 war? Will he toe the line of Mushy that Kargil never happened?
I frankly think the man has lost his marbles!

So that's that!

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Halasya said...

Jinnah, a secular guy in his initial days, was forced to play the communal card by Nehru - Patel co. In fact, the power games during 1945s - 1950s are really intruiging. Nehru - Patel & Jinnah - Liaquat Ali Khan & Gandhi jointly demand freedom from the British. Then Nehru - Patel & Jinnah et al fight against each other to divide India into "a moth eaten Pakistan" (East & West Pakistan). For Indian premiership, there was an open fight between Nehru and Patel, with Patel winning the cadre support, and Nehru usurping it with Gandhis blessings. The story of Pakistan is even more amazing. Such was the might of the Punjabis in the power corridors of Pakistan that within two decades the country split into todays Pak and Bangladesh with India's (Indira's) support. Am not supporting Jinnah nor Advani. But the fact is that we Indians today judge stories of the freedom struggle through the Leftist angle with a Nehruvian prejudice. In fact, our paradigms should have rational touch. Just think about this - Gandhiji had a plan to avoid Partition. Hand over the power from British to the Muslim League when India is freed. Why did not Nehru accept that ? It is the sheer power hunger of the Congress and Muslim League leaders which caused the partition. May the readers of your blog see through this !!!