Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dom DiMaggio...The Nation turns its lonely eyes...

Back in the mid 90s, Joe DiMaggio was just a name in a song (the classic "Mrs. Robinson) - something surprising considering I'd like to think I've been a Yankee fan since I was 4 or 5 (when my aunt and uncle gave me a Yankees tshirt). It was only when he passed on, that I realized his on- and off-field exploits. Back then he probably fit the bill of a 'gentleman', considering the fact that he was married to Ms. Monroe, and the way he took care of things once she passed on. Today, his baseball prowess

I didn't even know he had a younger brother, the Little Professor. It was only after reading Halberstam's masterpiece "The Teammates" that I got to know about friendships and baseball, and life in general for four legends. Ted Williams had an air of arrogance about him, in life (and possibly in death). There was not much in the book about the modern-day Bobby Doerr. But Pesky and DiMaggio came across as humble folks - quiet and unassuming. I wonder if Pesky still suits up for the Red Sox like he used to.

And so, today, we wonder..."Where have you gone....."