Monday, August 29, 2005

Bravery and Awards - Part 2.

WHY are we handing out military honors to silver medallists at Olympics, when the brave men who guard our frontiers and fight for our nation go unrewarded?!

Looks like we are a nation with misplaced priorities! Ridiculous!

On the topic of awards, I was amused to see Cyrus Poncha's name among the list of Dronacharya awardees. I do believe that there are other folks who deserve the award more - the case in point being Joaquim Carvalho (one of the gurus of Mumbai hockey). There's a website which lists the 'grievances' against Poncha. Some of their points make a fair bit of sense - especially the 'poaching' he does to get people to train at the academy in Chennai. Looks like has a HUGE grudge against Joshna Chinappa!


Anonymous said...

Hi, If Mr Carvahlo deserved the award why did his association not put up his name? If budding squash players wish to train at the place where the facilities are world class then they will come to Chennai of their free will. Have u read about the jr national team results Tamil Nadu won 3 of the 4 titles. Why dont you ask the people who post incorrect articles on their website how come their players lost miserably. Please also surf the net and check out where Miss Chinappa coached until she got too big for her boots.

Anonymous said...

Tamil Nadu kids win 5 of the 10 titles at the recently concluded nationals. How many did ISP (Maharashtra) win? Two

Seems that you shud not believe every thing written in the Mid-Day