Monday, May 01, 2006

Keith Richards does it!

Was extremely amused to read an article this evening with the blurb: "Keith Richards falls out of tree" !

Wonder what on earth he was trying to do up a palm tree for Keith's sakes!

I lost it when I read:

"She [My note: The Stones spokesperson] refused to elaborate further on his condition or explain what Richards was doing up a tree in the first place."
I have a wild guess - maybe it finally proved the missing link in the puzzle as to whether KR was human or simian!

Note: To those who dont know who Keith Richards is...he's a guitarist with the Rolling Stones..much maligned for his drug abuse....and this is a snap of him.

1 comment:

u know me ;) said...

prolly Patti asked KR for the "forbidden" palm fruit!! ;)