Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Trapeze artists with short-term memory

Another case of our politicians getting their priorities all muddled - especially when there's a cloud of doubt hanging over the issue!

The venerable B. Raman wrote recently that we are "a nation with no memory", which quite succinctly sums up the sudden rush to jump off the trapeze to be seen with the 'flavor of the month'. Yes, politicians are experienced trapeze artists - they do fall, but then they dust themselves up and continue swinging!

It is unfortunate (and unfair) that true heroes get forgotten in this circus. But then again, it's pretty much the same story everywhere - even the average Joe here is more interested in the doings and undoings of Hollywood blondes (Lohan, Beckham and their ilk), than in matters of national importance.

Looking back at Mr. Raman's article, the innumerable times our national security has been compromised is mind-shattering! 26th May 1999, 12th March 1993, 11th July 2006, 25th August 2003, 13th December 2001, 14th February 1998, 24th September 2002, 24th December 1999, 29th October 2005.......the list just goes on.....and we forget our true rainbows and chase false, fleeting ones!

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