Monday, May 09, 2005

Catching up....

It's been an awesome weekend. Went driving on the Ortega Highway, high above Lake Elsinore. It's a mind-blowing experience, just looking down at the lake from 3000 feet! Also hit Laguna, Corona del Mar and Balboa, all on Friday afternoon; and Laguna again this afternoon...

NB is headed back to India. We (AP, KB, NB and I) were reminescing about the good times we had over lunch today. The assignments we worked on, the storm-water studies, the Santa Barbara trip, his Vegas trips, Australians, Koreans, Hallelujahs, a lot of stuff. NB's one of those blokes; always be a bundle of energy wherever he goes.

Caught up with Mankuji and VM after ages. Felt good talking to them after ages. I guess both wr long overdue calls, but postponed a little coz we keep getting news via common friends/family! Also caught up on class gossip!

The past few days have been catch-up time. Bangalore, Washington DC, Singapore, San Diego, and a few other places - some family (present and future maybe, coz as someone said, "Anything can happen"), some friends, some acquaintances.

Was amazing to compare notes with VB after ages. Seems like time has sure flown since the Sunday evenings spent at Vidyasagars! Bitched like crazy about the "white peon" or "pager" as the batch called him. Fond memories indeed!

Spoke to Tonez on Friday - the rascal's quitting Infy finally! Good luck dude!

So that's that...feels awesome to see that some things havent changed much, but yet some things are better with a reason!

What's buzzin :
Sin Ella (Gipsy Kings)....
Eyes without a face (Billy Idol)...

Too sleepy...need some sleep desperately!

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