Friday, May 27, 2005

Unforgettable dismissals

Was reading Prem Panicker's blog about Irfan Pathan and his stock delivery. Was reminded of the delivery he got Youhana with in the final ODI during the Indian tour of Pakistan in 2004. That was one unforgettable one, coz the television channel we were watching it on had replayed the previous time Irfan had got Youhana in one of the ODIs, and sure enough, within a matter of seconds Youhana was out lbw the same way! I havent seen much of Irfan's bowling, but he sure looked a lot more impressive compared to Zack!

Thought I'd put down a few dismissals which I consider unforgettable...(not necessarily in chronological order)..

Maninder Singh - lbw b. Vikram Raju/Greg Matthews..the Tied Test at Chennai..

The five catches Jonty took vs. Windies, at the Brabourne in 1993.

Roland Holder - b. Kumble (Hero Cup final, 1993)....the decision went to the 3rd umpire (Ian Robinson) referred it I think...

Border - c. Jadeja b. ??? (India vs Aus, 1992 WC. Jadeja at long-on runs a mile and dives forwards to take the catch of the WC 1992)

Basit Ali - b. Warney (the one which spun a mile from outside leg and bowled him thru his legs!)

The Klusener-Donald mix-up - vs. Aus. (WC 1999)

Aamer Sohail - b. V.Prasad (Bangalore, WC 1996)....LOL!

Chris Lewis/Allan Lamb - b. Wasim Akram (WC 1992 final)...what swingers!

Sanath Jayasuriya - c. at thirdman b. Srinath (WC 1996 SF, Eden Gardens)...The dangerman was gone, but India couldnt usual!

Wasim Akram - c. Dravid b. Kumble (vs. Pak, Kotla, 1999)...Ten for the man!

Hashan Tillekaratne - c. Manjrekar b. Kapil....finally....a huge relief!

GR Vishwanath - b. Imran Khan (1982-83). Amazing delivery...Vishy beaten (to use a cliched expression) 'all ends up' shouldering his arms only to see the ball crashing into the offstump!

Harbhajan's hattrick (vs. Aus, Eden Gardens, 2001)...

So that's that....

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Sunil said...

Irfan has promise....but I think technically, Zack is the best bowler in the team. He's out of rhythm right now, but you can see a perfect high arm action and superbly straight seam.
Still....the comparison is not valid. Zack is a seam bowler, Irfan is old fashioned swing. Apples to apricots, methinks.