Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pops, crackles...and Prabhu Deva....

Was reading Zatta's (also known as Rahul Bhattacharya, a contributing editor of Cricinfo Magazine and author of Pundits from Pakistan: On Tour with India, 2003-04) report on the first day's play at Nagpur and burst out laughing reading this:

"Breakdance! If you look hard enough, you can see it in his action: all jerks and pops and crackles. And he's now introduced brown tints to his hair, so that if he adds a beard he could indeed pass off as Prabhudeva."

Yes, it's all there in Sreeshanth's action! But the resemblance to PrabhuDeva is far from the truth. PrabhuDeva looks like he POSITIVELY swung off a tree, while Sreeshanth looks less simian. [I say less simian thanks to a cousin who tells me Sreeshanth reminds her of a kutty
(small) chimp!]. But then, we know where we came from....

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