Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hiccups from Hick

Some of you might remember my reference to one Graeme Hick and his stellar performance at the Wankhede in 1993, a few days ago.

Rightly described by some as a flawed genius, I remember reading about his exploits way back in the late 80s. I think at that time his decision to play for England instead of Zimbabwe was a hotly debated - a very sensible decision in my opinion.

One of the few modern day cricketers to have scored a hundred first-class centuries, Hick never really got going in either form of cricket. There was a time he did well against the Aussies, Windies and Proteas, but apparently Mr. Ray Illingworth thought otherwise and pretty much put paid to his cricketing career.

I guess his problems were also compounded by the emergence of Vaughan, Butcher (and Freddie Flintoff) coupled with the resurgence of Thorpe and Hussain.

If only he got more chances...

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