Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ganguly's guiles/guilt....and some Champions League!

Couldnt believe that India lost at Motera the other day! I can only say that it probly was a mix of Indian stupidity and Paki brilliance....
Ganguly is undoubtedly an albatross, and his decision to bat at No.4 (in the 32nd over, ahead of Dravid, Kaif and Yuvraj) was dumb captaincy. Agreed, being the selfish so-and-so he is, he probably thought 20 overs was a decent period to potter around and scratch out a few runs in the hope that his detractors would be silenced. That failed....and with the sword dangling perilously close to his neck, he did the next best thing.
Knowing that he would be banned for a few games if he repeated the offence of a slow over rate, he coolly slowed things down, and sure enough got slapped with a 6 match ban. effectively that means the dude gets 6 months off to clean his act up. Had it been any other player, he would have been dropped a long time ago (with no chances of a comeback), but then he's Saurav Ganguly..and has his godfather as the patron saint of Indian cricket!
Bringing Kumble back into the team isnt such a great idea IMHO. I frankly dont see him playing, plus his fielding aint upto much (not that it was that great earlier).
So 2 UEFA Champions League semi-finalists have been decided. Chelsea rocks...and all said and done I would attribute their success more to the buying power of Abramovich rather than the greatness of Mourinho. Mourinho IMHO is a huge publicity seeker, and thats not my idea of a good coach - takes away the sheen from the stuff his team does.
Cant blame the Inter fans for the mess at the San Siro - the goal that was disallowed was infact not off-side, so they can crib as much as they want. You cant blame the ref either, as these things happen pretty often in the game. All the same, the much touted Milan derby came to a premature (and sad) conclusion.
Hoping Juve can beat Liverpool, and Lyon beats PSV. Lyon sure are the dark horses for the game.
So that's that......

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