Thursday, April 28, 2005

The vicissitudes of being Irfan Pathan

In an interview with Outlook, Irfan Pathan claims that he has experienced "the vicissitudes of life at the top"...
From where did that come, I wonder? With all due respect to him, I can only say Mr. Haresh Pandya who interviewed him has an amazing writing sense. With all due respect to Irfan, I doubt he could have used that word....even Shashi Tharoor wouldnt have used such a word in his high school essays!
What's amusing is the fact that Irfan claims in the same interview that his performance in the India-Pak series was "not so good". Isnt there a word for "not-so-good"??????????????

So thats that!
Speaking of Shashi Tharoor, just finished reading his book "India: From Midnight to the Millenium". All said and done it's an amazing book, written really well. His "Great Indian Novel" occupies a proud position among the pantheon of the best novels I have ever read. I know a certain Cathedralite will accuse me of being partial to "another Campionite" and how the Campion mafia is at work again! Let's face it...the C&JC mafia beats the Campion mafia hands down...after all C&JC have Rushdie up their sleeve :P!

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