Friday, April 29, 2005

Music & speechlessness..and some DD memories...

The title of this post would surely have evoked a fair bit of thought for some folks. What connection does speechlessness really have with music.
This post is about two songs I heard today, which for some reason gave me this eerie feeling. Both are kinda "patriotic", and both remind me of home and so many things.

The first one was "Mile sur mera tumhara". As a lot of us will remember, it was introduced in the good ol'days when DD was the only thing on TV. I particularly remember it being played in that 5-10min gap between the Saturday evening movie and the 8.30pm "Hindi Samachar". There's this one moment towards the end where Tanuja's walking on the beach and then it changes to Sharmila Tagore (with Lata singing)..thats one moment which still gives me that eerie feeling. It's something inexplicable, and my choice of words is limited solely due to the fact that I cant find the right word...Lemme know if any of u can find a suitable word.
We also belted some of the folks in the video...there sure were jokers...the classic ones being part featuring Jeetendra, Amitabh and Mithun-da! One could just imagine the shiny white shoes and white jackets and god-knows-whatever-else they were famous for...
The next joker was Narendra Hirwani...I suspect he was in there solely coz he had just bamboozled the Windies with a 16 wkt haul a few months before the video was shot!
With all due apologies to any afficianados of Carnatic music, the walking-talking-singing-croaking powder dabba Balamurali Krishna was also amusing!
Arun Lal, resplendent in a blazer stepping off the subway.....

The other song which I was referring to is "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera".....Everything about this song is amazing - the best movie song I have heard in a few years! The shehnai is out of this world. AR Rahman rocks! Harris Jeyaraj can go eat crow/whatever!

Another "advertisement" I remember was one featuring sportsmen running with a "freedom torch". I just dig that music. If anyone can tell me where I might be able to find that theme, I'd be really grateful!
Speaking of the Samachar and English News in the pre-STAR's amazing how "friendly" the Hindi newsreaders look nowadays (eye candy, as the Americans would say). But I am sure a lot of us will remember the scowly Ved Prakash, the ghastly Manjari Joshi, and ofcourse Shammi Narang who used to religiously return his pen into his breast pocket at the end of every newscast. Among the English newsreaders, there's one name which will always stand out. Gitanjali Aiyar...for obvious reasons she's the one who comes to mind first - ask anyone. I bet thats the only name folks of my generation will be able to name.
Despite my loyalties, I'd say Rajdeep Sardesai is a royal painitheuknowwhere. I attribute it to the place which moulded him in the 11th and 12th stds :P! I can bet the C&JC folks will now have a supari out on me!
I do remember staying up late on Fri nights to watch "TWTW" (The World This Week). Prannoy Roy is/was/will always be India's best newscaster period - the Walter Cronkite. I suspect Rajdeep might end up a bit like Dan Rather, getting kinda scorched while over-investigating something. Prannoy and the late Appan Menon were an amazing combo (ably backed by Radhika Roy, Prannoy's wife) and they spiced up what otherwise was a totally bland serving of roobish from DD.
PS: Those were the days of Illustrated Outlook....India Today ruled the roost....and ToI was a decent newspaper, not a soft-porn cheap-sheet masquerading as a newspaper!!! Oh yeah, and not a soul had heard of something called a BLOG!

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